Motu Patlu Games Free Download Android

Hello again, I am back with new stuffs. These stuffs are very cool and I promise you will like them. It’s motu patlu games for android. Android games are very trending nowadays because everyone has the smartphone and they use it mostly and world is moving so fast.

motu patlu games

You can’t play android games online so I’ve download links for you. I’ve accumulated few best motu patlu games for android OS and those are with minimum requirements. You can play them if you have 512+ Ram and 100 Mb free space in your smartphone. So you can easily play any motu patlu game in android and Online on PC too.

Download links for android .apk games

Motu Patlu

This game is same as temple run 2. It’s a endless runner game and motu is running on road in this game and you have to navigate him or control him. Control him to prevent from injuries and accidents. You can use UP to jump from any object and DOWN to scroll down from any obstacle. You can always move left or right by moving your smartphone lef or right. Gravity sensor will work in this. It’s a fantastic game. I will recommend you to play this game and enjoy.

Motu patlu fun run

This is another 2D motu patlu game. It’s an epic game if you like jumping games like subway surf, temple run etc. It’s like adventure game and endless runner as well. You will enjoy this game I know. I’ve put the download link below. You have to download this game and start playing this as soon as possible because this is simply fantastic. You need to use swipe UP or next to play this game, because doing this, Player will jump off the wall or something like that. it’s too easy to play and it’s interesting game obviously.

Motu Jump

I’ve played many motu patlu games but this is simply easy and amazing android game. I played it and found that it’s funny and good for age group of 6-17. You can play this game effortlessly because navigation and play area is very neat so you don’t need to be hardcore gamer to play this game. Click on start and motu(the player) will start jumping off.

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