Motu Patlu Games Free

motu patlu games free

I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard about motu patlu TV series. Something same is here, I am going to demonstrate you top rated motu patlu games free. They are funny and very easy to play. You don’t need to install it. Just load the webpage and start playing after reading instructions. Sometimes you may see the error, that can be a broken link or your browser is outdated. Most common reason behind error is missing flash  plugin in

The browser. Check in your browser if there is flash installed or not. If it’s installed, then you can enjoy all the

Games without any special requirement.

These games are superb because:

  • They are flash games, so probably they’ll load fast.
  • They use mouse and keyboard as input device, which is very good because most of users don’t have joysticks.
  • Graphics and visual effects are awesome in these games, you will feel the real quality of motu and patlu in these games. These games are available in very high quality. On other hand, you don’t need any graphics card to play those game. You can just play them with your system’s integrated graphics card.
  • Full sound support means you can listen sound in game with amazing music and anthem of motu patlu or else you can just mute the game via mute button or mute the browser’s current tab. It’s better to mute the tab if game sound is annoying.
  • Calculated scores very accurately.

So now you know that why these motu patlu games are so amazing and interesting for you. All the motu patlu games in this site are verified by nick india and they are official nick games. I’ve embed them in my website to provide better user experience by showing content, instructions etc. Some games allow only 1 player in the game. Either it’s motu or patlu, but they are just characters and they work perfectly. Don’t think that motu is more strong so he will score more, Nah! Patlu can also score more , maybe more than motu. It doesn’t matter if you see them via real TV episodes. These are just games made in macromedia flash and you are controlling one or two players.


So let’s start exploring motu patlu games FREE