Motu Patlu

Hello friends. In this post, I will tell you all about motu and patlu and also tell you that how can you play motu patlu games on this site. I will cover all the characters of “motu patlu” television series. I hope you will enjoy reading this article.

Motu Patlu

Motu Patlu is an Indian CGI energized Sitcom TV series airing on Nickelodeon. It is adjusted from the great funny cartoon on Lot Pot. It was debuted on 16 October 2012, starting with scene “John Banega Don”. It concentrates on two companions, Motu and Patlu, living in the anecdotal city Furfuri Nagar.

The executive is Suhas Kadav and the signature music writer is Sandesh Shandilya. The makers are Deepa Sahi and Anish JS Mehta. The signature tune “Motu Aur Patlu Ki Jodi” is sung by Sukhwinder Singh.



The story spins around Motu and Patlu, two companions living in Furfuri Nagar. It concentrates on how they arrive in humorous circumstances and later safeguard themselves only by good fortune. Motu and Patlu are cozy companions of each other. Samosa is the most loved sustenance of Motu. . Motu dependably tries to take samosas from a Chaiwala who is the special case who makes the best samosas in the city. Motu for the most part makes issue and Patlu dependably comprehend it, some times Ghasitaram,Chingam and Dr. Jhatka help them. At times Ghasitaram makes Motu Patlu attempt Dr. Jhatka’s creation. At the point when Motu eats samosas, he gets more fiery than he typically resemble Chhota Bheem when he eats laddoos.

The primary enemy in the arrangement is a criminal named “John the Don” who is constantly joined by his two henchman’s, number one and number two. John expect to wind up a surely understood criminal however his arrangements dependably preys to come up short because of Motu Patlu.




Motu Patlu

Motu is a chunky man who serves as the one of the show’s principle heroes. He jumps at the chance to eat samosas. His closest companion is Patlu. He frequently arrives in a bad position in view of his activities. He is continually searching for the most straightforward approach to procure cash, have a fabulous time and get the chance to eat parcel of samosas, regardless of the possibility that it implies landing himself in a bad position. In some cases he gets over-expressive while commending his triumph and can accomplish something exceptionally stupid, such as bringing back a privateer into the present who they had sent as of late back to the past. He is likewise demonstrated gloating about something he has never done. Be that as it may, he is a decent man who needs to help other people. He wears a red tunic with a naval force blue (however generally dark) vest, yellow Pajamas, and shoes. His talking accent looks affected by Dara Singh.When he eats samosas, he gets additional vitality like Chhota Bheem and can vanquish anybody on the planet.



Motu Patlu


Patlu is a slim man who serves as the one of the show’s fundamental heroes. He is regularly depicted as the most astute person in the entire city. He frequently gets into inconvenience alongside Motu however he figures out how to help himself and Motu when they arrive in a bad position. He generally encourages Motu to be in their typical track and in this way lead a “risk free” life, yet he can simply be cajoled (or constrained) by Motu into helping him. He disdains samosas however adores to peruse daily papers. He wears a yellow tunic with orange stockings, dark surrounded glasses, and cocoa shoes.

Dr. Jhatka

Motu Patlu

Dr. Jhatka is a designer. His talking style resemble a sardar, so he is alluded as a punjabi. His innovations are great and effective yet not valuable to the general population. Truth be told, rather than peopling, the developments arrive the general population stuck in an unfortunate situation. Jhatka is known by his going bald hair, green shirt, violet neck tie, and pants. His outline is a parallel rendition of Motuut he can simply be persuaded (or constrained) by Motu into helping him. He hates samosas however cherishes to peruse daily papers. He wears a yellow tunic with orange tights, dark confined glasses, and chestnut shoes.


Motu Patlu


Ghasitaram has a 20 years involvement in each field yet none of the experience is valuable to anybody. He is from West Bengal. Verging on like Dr. Jhatka, his purported “encounters of 20 years” regularly arrive individuals, particularly Motu Patlu, in a bad position. His outline is a parallel variant of Patlu. He wears a cobalt blue tunic, purple dhoti, dim cocoa vest, and shoes of the same shading.



Motu Patlu


A man who lives close to Motu’s home. He is the special case who makes samosas in the entire Furfuri Nagar which is the most loved of Motu. Motu takes the samosas from his shop and doesn’t give the cash to him. Motu gets a considerable measure of force by eating samosas of Chaiwala. In the wake of eating samosas he indicates animosity and can beat anybody, in spite of the fact that the chaiwala doesn’t care for his samosas to be eaten for nothing. He once in a while rewards Motu by exempting him from the cash Motu owes him or notwithstanding encouraging him free samosas when he spares him or different occupants of Furfuri Nagar.



Motu Patlu


is a police overseer. He trusts that no criminal can escape from him. Be that as it may, chingam figures out how to catch offenders simply by fortunes with the assistance of Motu and Patlu. A Rajinikanth dedicate with a solid south Indian inflection, Chingam is a thoughtful police investigator. He takes pride in the way that no criminal can ever make tracks in an opposite direction from him. A deadly mix for upright and hilarious.When he shoot his firearm noticeable all around in the wake of telling his dialogue,coconuts tumble from the top on his head and makes him fall on the ground.He drives a green engine bicycle and once in a while additionally drives a police jeep.He is in some cases helped by two Constables Hera and Pheri.


Motu Patlu

John the Don serves as the primary opponent of the appear. John’s aspiration is to end up the fearsome Don. In any case, his arrangements dependably fall flat seriously and in this way wind up in him getting captured or being provoked by other individuals. He keeps in touch with some short ballads. As opposed to ordinary cheats, he is not anxious of chingam but rather is rather apprehensive of Motu and Patlu. He is stout, and short in size and gets offended for that. He wears a blue dress shirt with dim blue bloom prints, yellow undershirt, chestnut belt, dull periwinkle tights with blue sleeves, and cocoa shoes. 😀




Boxer is side character in this game and he always makes troubles in the game so his name is boxer.



Motu Patlu

He is the father of chingam and the commissioner of police of the area comprising Furfuri Nagar and adjoining villages. He once got impressed with Motu and Patlu and even recruited them in the police as Havaldars, but when he came to know that they were not as capable as he had thought, he got annoyed with them and fired them from the police.

Hera Singh


He is an Hawaldar of Inspector Chingam. He always tells Chingam, “Aap to hindustan ki top ho”.

Pheri lal

He is an Hawaldar of Inspector Chingam. He always tells Chingam, “You are very great sir,but born little late sir“. 😀