Nick Cricket Academy

Nick Cricket Academy

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Nick cricket academy is one of best motu patlu online game. I am gonna write full review of this game. Read remaining article after the flash screen. You will come to know motu patlu games play online.

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Nick Cricket Academy | Motu patlu games

It’s an amazing game from Nick India. It’s question based. It will ask you lot of questions about cricket and at the last, it will show you the result. It’s funny game because it’s too easy to predict everything. Suppose someone catches one ball then game will give you 4 options. Either it’s bold, six, four or catch. You need to select catch. so that will add one point in your game data or profile.

Playing this game is full of fun because you get pictures and then some questions based on that. You just need to read questions carefully to give the right answer. So it’s more important that you first see the image and analyse it then you should read the question. If you directly read the question and try to answer randomly. You might be wrong that time. Follow all the instructions of this flash game. The instructions which you get when this flash script loads and you see few options like play game, instructions, information etc.

Navigation of this game is perfect. You will see many options there on top left corner of this motu patlu game. You can use those to control the game so they are helpful for you.
3 buttons are following:

  1. Pause button: It pauses the game and later you can resume it if you want. It’ll be paused until you don’t reload the page.
  2. Music button: This is most important button every game should have. It’s a speaker Icon and you know basically it means muting the sound or background music of the game. Or sometimes it mutes all the game sound including shots and actions too.
  3. Reload button: It’s still a flash game and you can refresh it anytime. Pressing this button will give you a new

start over. You will be playing this game from start.

So It was navigation of top menus and now we have some other controls.It’s like a superb dashboard of the game. In the right down corner, you can see your score while playing the game or after completing the game. Anytime you can see your score there. That’s why this is an amazing FLASH game in all the motu patlu games. It’s made very accurately. I’d like to thanks to the developer of this game who made this game for all the motu patlu games lovers. Especially teenagers like me are very interested to learn more about motu patlu games.We also want motu patlu games somewhere on the web so finally we found a place where we can play all the games and that’s nick india’s games.

Music is awesome in this game. Stadium grass is so attractive and looks so real. It’s a great location where stadium is placed(virtually).  Over all this is very good educational game for cricket lovers.

Playing this game is so easy, even newborn baby can play this game 😀

motu patlu games play online
motu patlu games

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