Selling Samosa

Selling Samosamotu patlu shooting games

About motu patlu shooting games

This is best motu patlu game I ever played and it’s a great game honestly. It’s math based game and you’ve to calculate the money on the table . Then have to sell the samosas to the villagers or where ever they are selling samosas. Both motu and patlu are playing this game as a single player(you) and you have to sell maximum samosas. Scoring in this game is so easy. I got 800 in just few seconds means it’s not really tough game to play, if you know the instructions that how to play this flash game. If you have read the instructions then you can play it so easily. but it’s not like that always. Sometimes you don’t need instructions to play any game. I know few sharp minders are smart enough to play any game without instructions. Because they are able to detect any game via it’s look and playing area so hats off for them because they are very experienced . But for new motu patlu gamers it’s very necessary to read all the instructions to play game smoothly.

Instructions For This Game [Selling Samosa]

  1. Object is to earn maximum points in each 60 seconds.
  2. Each time a new customer will come up to buy samosas and you’ve to make a receipt that how much that customer has to pay for samosas.

Play it and enjoy it <3 motu patlu shooting games

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