Snowboard Challenge

Snowboard ChallengeGames Of Motu Patlu

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My review ▶ Motu Patlu Games Free

Wow!! this is an amazing game I ever played. It is best game and I enjoyed it too much.  It’s about skiing and you have one player there and that player is motu. You need to give him instructions to play the game. If he touches any bushes or digs then game will end. So carefully play this game and help motu to score maximum in his game. The best way to play this game is via mouse hovering.


Instructions : Games Of Motu Patlu

Snowboard Challenge is very interesting game and everyone will like this game. You have to follow the instructions before playing the game. They are following:

  1. hit the jumps and do tricks to score more
  2. Use your mouse and control the motu on skiing.

While in Mid air:

Press A to do a 180

Press S to do a flip

Press D to do a side kick

  1. More tricks in one jump, more points you will get and as well as score.Make sure you complete your tricks before land because without it you will end up with high wipe out.The more successive jump you have without touching the obstacle, the more scores  you will earn.
  2. Good luck!


Hit the heaps of snow and jump your way to victory!


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